Outdoor Adventures Canada Style: Take it outside!

Tumbler Ridge is a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts no matter what sort of adventure you're looking for: from high-energy to easygoing. Tumbler Ridge is home to accessible year-round recreational opportunities for all ages, interests and abilities. The possibilities are as diverse as the landscapes in which they appear. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Tumbler Ridge is sure to leave you with treasured lasting impressions.

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Adventure Biking

Adventure biking: you either know of it or you don’t. For those that know, it’s a way of life. Freedom is a regular part of the adventure motorcyclists vocabulary. Diversity is another. Leave your home, hit the streets, hop onto gravel roads that lead you deep into the backcountry, all on one mode of transportation.


Adventure Biking in Tumbler Ridge

Adventure biking is one of the fastest growing motorcycle segments and it is creating an entire lifestyle change for riders. Adventure bikes are exactly what they sound like: motorcycles that are the catalyst for adventure. Some call them enduro bikes, dual-sport or off-road touring bikes. They can conquer both the asphalt and the dirt, making it the motorcycle for the true adventurer. Tumbler Ridge offers an endless playground for the adventure bike enthusiast. You’ll find all the necessary amenities such as fuel, food, and accommodations, but that is where the similarities with other destinations diminish. Hundreds of kilometers of off-highway roads are merely a signal light away. From high-grade gravel that leads you to stunning waterfalls, to technical trail riding that will challenge even the most prudent of riders. Tumbler Ridge revels in its backcountry glory; the remoteness is not only adventure-fueling but daunting. Finding yourself engulfed in wondrous silence, accompanied by wildlife, and pristine waterfalls is not out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Don’t let our location on the GPS deter you. We’re only an hour and a half from Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek! Trust us, this short detour on your trip may end up stealing the spotlight. A tough feat but we’re confident that you’ll be unpacking your pannier set on our doorstep for years to come. Welcome to the backcountry. Welcome to adventure. Welcome to Tumbler Ridge.