Dinosaur Discovery Gallery

The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery combines world leading research which has revolutionized the way we understand T-Rexs with the intimate museum experience you can only find in a place like Tumbler Ridge.


Major Accomplishments:

In 2010 the Peace River Paleontology Research Center, the scientific arm of the museum, headed by internationally renowned paleontologist Rich McCrea unearthed the most complete Hadrosaur skeleton ever found.

In 2014 Rich and his wife and manager of collections at the museum, Lisa Buckely, published a paper that sent shockwaves through the international scientific community effectively proving, from trackways discovered in Tumbler Ridge, that T-Rexs were pack hunters. Because one wasn’t scary enough!



Hours of Operation

June - October:
Everyday 9am - 5pm

November - April:
Thursday - Monday 9am - 5pm


Email: prprc@pris.bc.ca
Phone: 250-242-3466