Outdoor Adventures Canada Style: Take it outside!

Tumbler Ridge is a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts no matter what sort of adventure you're looking for: from high-energy to easygoing. Tumbler Ridge is home to accessible year-round recreational opportunities for all ages, interests and abilities. The possibilities are as diverse as the landscapes in which they appear. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Tumbler Ridge is sure to leave you with treasured lasting impressions.

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In 2000, paleontological history was made when two local kids discovered dinosaur tracks at Flatbed Creek. Since then, Tumbler Ridge has gained boasting rights to British Columbia's first dinosaur bone beds! With our guided tours and kids camp, who knows, maybe you could be the next to discover a footprint or bone!


Dinosaur Camps

Treat the kids to one or both of our week long camps where they go on field trips, study real fossils, learn the dinosaur history and even try out their basic prep skills.  Click here for more details and prices!

Day/Night Tours

Enjoy a guided day tour to one, or both of our dinosaur trackways! Also offered is a night tour where the low angled lantern light makes the footprints stand out even more! Click here for more details and prices! 

Dinosaur Discovery Centre

Visit the Dinosaur Discovery Centre where you can view exhibits, impressive fossil displays,  as well as a full-scale re-creation of 100 million year old dinosaur track environment! Also have a look around the gift shop for some really great souvenirs!