Outdoor Adventures Canada Style: Take it outside!

Tumbler Ridge is a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts no matter what sort of adventure you're looking for: from high-energy to easygoing. Tumbler Ridge is home to accessible year-round recreational opportunities for all ages, interests and abilities. The possibilities are as diverse as the landscapes in which they appear. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Tumbler Ridge is sure to leave you with treasured lasting impressions.

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Check out the lists below to browse through Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter activity options! 

Endless Off-Road Adventures

Gear Up! Tumbler Ridge is an off-road vehicle rider’s paradise with no shortage of ATV trails. There are hundreds of kilometres of marked and unmarked trails with plenty of enjoyment for beginners and expert riders alike. There are cut lines, power lines, pipe lines, forestry roads and mountain top trails for you to ride that have numerous unparalleled views that will take your breath away.


Core Lodge Area

The Core Lodge is a day lodge with panoramic views of the Windy Ridge area. There are a number of great alpine trails in this area, including Roman Mountain, Windy Ridge, the Super Bowl, Summit Meadows and the Back Meadows. You can make your way to Kinuseo Falls (Provincial Park/non-motorized regulations apply) from this area by travelling straight South (5 Cabin Creek Trail) until you join the Old Monkman Trail. Hidden Valley is accessible by a gravel road on the right a couple of kilometres past the Core Lodge, and offers spectacular views in every direction. Rides range from easy to extremely challenging.

Bearhole Lake

Bearhole Lake is a small lake that can be easily accessed right from town via the Quality Lake Trail. At km 7, to the left (north), the Old Thunder Mountain trail winds through pristine forest up to the wind turbines at the Summit. Further down, on the way to Bearhole Lake, on an inactive forest service road, to the right (south), there is an option to ride up to Thunder Mountain as another riding experience. Beyond Bearhole Lake there are quite a few old logging areas and a few small lakes to investigate. There is good fishing in both lakes and this is an ideal area for family rides.

Mount Spieker

Feast your eyes on intriguing geological treasures and experience excellent wide-open alpine ATV routes on flat-topped Mount Spieker. A must-do ride from the valley of Bullmoose Creek, Mount Spieker is great for riders looking for a fun day in the mountains. There are great photographic opportunities, especially in July and August when the wildflowers are in bloom. Begin by climbing a little-used road, then a trail following a now deactivated coal exploration road. The trail leads along mountain sides, past a small waterfall and through a switchback to the right as you near the top. At the top of the switchback, heading east will bring you to the summit of Mt Spieker. Heading south will bring you to the Perry Creek Forest Service Road and into the Wolverine valley.

Wapiti / Red Deer Falls

This is a huge area of old roads with fantastic views and alpine areas that go on forever. Caution is advised as trails are unmarked. Points of interest are Red Deer Falls, Wapiti River, Onion Lake and Warner Lake. This area affords the most spectacular mountain top views of the whole North East BC area. There are not many trails in BC that can compare.

Bullmoose Area

To access this area, head out to the old Bullmoose Mine Road (turn south off Hwy 29, north-west of Tumbler Ridge), then turn left at the power substation. There are two main areas and tons of trails and cut blocks to explore. Good for family rides with expert areas to challenge the adventurous rider.